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Complete your enrollment in 3 easy steps

Finalize your enrollment to the Moi program to access your coupons and redeem your points in-store to save.

Create your

Moi ID

step 1

Create your moiID to access all your favourite banners, Metro, Jean Coutu, Super C and Brunet with a single login.

add your
Moi card

step 2

if i already have a card

Select the "I already have a Moi card" option and enter the card number to add it to my account. If necessary, consult the help center for assistance.

if i don't have a card

Select the "I don't have a card" option to access your digital Moi card. You can also get a physical Moi card in-store.

finalize your enrollment

step 3

Finalize the creation of your account by completing the necessary information and accepting the program conditions.

welcome to Moi!


All set! You’re officially a member of the Moi program!

You can now connect to your favourite banner applications and access your coupons with the same login.

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How do I link my card to my account?
How does the Moi rewards program work?
How do I get bonus points?

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